Pearl Island Catering is the vision of Sober Pierre, owner and operator of Pearl Island Foods and Executive Chef Javier Figueroa-Ray.

For years, Sober focused on creating and selling a unique brand of Haitian-style coleslaw, known as Pikliz, while Javier worked as a highly coveted private chef in the area. After a serendipitous meeting where they bonded over their Caribbean connections (Javier is from Puerto Rico and Sober is of Haitian descent), they embarked on a journey to bring their vision a Caribbean-inspired catering company to Charlottesville.

Pearl Island Catering gives us an opportunity to reconnect with our roots, all while making Caribbean cuisine accessible to Charlottesville and the surrounding regions. What differentiates us are the distinct ingredients that flavor our respective cuisines and we get the opportunity to fuse some of those flavors into non-traditional cuisines.”

-Javier Figueroa-Ray


Winner of TomTom Fest’s 2018 Iron Chef Competition